Examining Assessment and Evaluation Education

Collaborative scholarship in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization

Examining Assessment and Evaluation Education

There remains much to be learned about how education related to the areas of classroom assessment and program evaluation. In the area of classroom assessment, we are examining how to best teach pre-service teachers and expand thinking about assessment. Similarly, in the field of program evaluation, we wonder how university courses can contribute to the development of essential competencies for evaluators? Examining assessment and evaluation education allows me to work with others to contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michelle Searle

Select Publications

Searle, M., Ahn, C., Fels, L. & Carbone, K. (Submitted). Illuminating transformative evaluation: Infusing creativity, reciprocity, and care into assessment. Journal of Transformative Education.

Searle, M. & Poth, C. (In Press.) Collaborative evaluation designs as an authentic course assessment. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation.

Poth, C. & Searle, M. (In Press) Competency-based evaluation education: Four essential things to know and do. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation.

Poth, C. N., Searle, M., Aquilina, A. M., Ge, J., & Elder, A. (2020). Assessing competency-based evaluation course impacts: A mixed methods case study. Evaluation and Program Planning79, 101789.

Searle, M., & Fels, L. M. (2018). An artistic contemplative inquiry: What arrives in co-contemplating assessment and evaluation. Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal3(1), 12.

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