Collaborative Scholarship in Assessment, Evaluation, and Knowledge Mobilization

Our Commitment to Education

Established in 2002, the Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) leverages a collaborative approach to scholarship to engage in innovative research with the goal of contributing to new knowledge in assessment, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. Our research, services, and educational programming are all directed at promoting learning and improving educational systems through rigours research and effective community engagement.  Situated at Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education, the AEG supports leading undergraduate and graduate education in assessment, evaluation, measurement, and knowledge translation. The AEG operates from the premise that high quality assessment and evaluation are the foundation for meaningful educational change.

Transforming Assessment e-Course

The eCourse is ideal for professors, instructors, and graduate students looking to enhance their assessment practices for university and college teaching contexts.

  • Complete this e-course individually or collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Complete the whole course or individual modules or topics depending on your learning priorities.

We Value Diversity & Inclusivity

We acknowledge that educational assessment has been a historical and current source of systemic discrimination, exclusion and a barrier to social progression for many. We also recognize that, when used appropriately and sensitively, assessment has the power to support equitable access to education and propel learning forward for diverse students. The AEG recognizes that equity is at the heart of educational assessment. Our work strives to promote fairness and equity in assessment, measurement, program evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. We are committed to creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment that supports learning, teaching, and research for all. Our commitment to equity and inclusivity is embodied through the following actions:

  • Investigate, publish, and disseminate new conceptions of assessment theory and practice that support diverse representations of knowledge and experiences of learning.
  • Support students in pursuing personally driven inquiries related to assessment, evaluation, measurement, and knowledge mobilization.
  • Ensure that our research reflects and represents experiences of diverse students and teachers.
  • Support educational opportunities for students and visiting researchers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ground research and educational inquiries in reimagining assessment and evaluation to empower student learning and agency.
  • Engage in international collaborations to broaden perspectives and connect experiences of assessment from diverse backgrounds.
  • Maintain diverse representation across faculty and students.

Conference Proceedings

Advancing Assessment and Evaluation Conference (AAEC) 2022

Queen’s University Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) and Educational Testing Services (ETS) Canada joined together to organize a virtual conference to promote partnerships and community across sectors (industry, academia, school districts) to spur innovation in assessment and education in Canada.

There were four themes of the conference:

  1. Advancing Assessment and Evaluation to facilitate learning in critical contexts
  2. Advancing Assessment and Evaluation by leveraging technology
  3. Advancing Assessment and Evaluation to promote equity and fairness
  4. Advancing Assessment and Evaluation to promote language learning

In addition to a poster session and networking opportunities, the conference consisted of four panel discussions, each facilitated by a discussant, on the four themes outlined above.

You can access the conference proceedings by clicking the buttons below. Please email if you have any questions.

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